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Southern Gothic

Oct 29, 2018

This episode of Southern Gothic is the first in the three-part series "Birth of a City: New Orleans," a story that chronicles the inception of a great American city and the legends that evolved with it.

Part I: The Casket Girls

In 1721 the French founded the city of New Orleans as the mouth of the Mississippi River, but development was slow, so the city's leaders requested young women of marriageable age to be sent to the young colony.  Unfortunately, little is known about the origins of these women, who some believe may have been the first vampires to immigrate to the New World.  Women, who have become known as "The Casket Girls."

Theme music for "Birth of a City: New Orleans" was written and performed by Grammy nominated singer-songwriter Adam Wright.

Additional narration by Donna Elwin of the podcast A Paranormal Chicks.

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